MB C 500/120 MB C 500/120 MB C 500/120 MB C 500/120 MB C 500/120

Transport platforms for the moving of persons and materials among defined planes, with capacities up to 5,000 kg.

Modular, twin-mast transport platform for persons and materials, maximum capacity of 2,200 kg and maximum dimensions 2.2 x 4.2 m, for the transportation of all the materials required to build or restructure buildings. Can replace a tower crane.

Machine in conformity to European Regulation EN 16719:2018


Technical features
MB C 2300/150
Maximum anchored height
m. 150
kg. 2.000
Maximum distance between anchorage points
m. 6
Width pianale di carico
mm. 2200
Length pianale di carico
mm. 4200
Height pianale di carico
mm. 1100
Voltage trifase
V/Hz. 400/50
Engine power
kW. 2 x 9,2
Lifting speed
m./min. 12/24
Patented mechanical
emergency brake
Overload control