MB A 800/150 MB A 800/150 MB A 800/150 MB A 800/150 MB A 800/150

Construction Hoists for Persons and Materials, with vertically guided cabin.

Lift with a square column (500 x 500 mm) with screwed rack, also available in the version equipped with an VFD (variable frequency drive), reaching 40 m/min and with automatic floor management. Unlike other products manufactured by the competition, our lift was designed to be transported without the need for disassembly - not even of the base. It can be installed from within, just like all other machines we produce. There is a manual or electrical small crane available to facilitate the assembly of columns and doors on the floors.

Machine certified TÜV according to European Regulation EN 12159:2009
Technical features
MB A 1800/150
Maximum anchored height
m. 150
kg. 1800
Maximum distance between anchorage points
m. 6
Width cabina
mm. 1500
Length cabina
mm. 3000
Height cabina
mm. 2190
Voltage trifase
V/Hz. 400/50
Engine power
kW. 2 x 11
Lifting speed
m./min. 30/40
Patented mechanical
emergency brake
Overload control