Maber - Plus

The added value of our product is their excellence, made possible by their multiplicity of features.

Easy to assemble

  • Maber products have been designed to be easily installed through simple and intuitive steps, working always in absolute safety.
  • The machine body at the base is always assembled and ready for the use, therefore the machine does not require any complex or costly operations for its preparation at the building site.
  • The mast sections are submitted to finishing, inspection and calibration for easy placement and they are installed from inside the cabin, avoiding any risks for the operator working without any hazardous operations.
  • The machines are anchored with the use of the erector platform for the assembly.
  • No additioanl lifting system are require for the assembly phase, being the standard ones of the machine enough.

Transportation and storage

All our products and main parts are designed for transportation on truck or container, without the need for any disassembling and therefore avoiding complications when the machine is installed and first switched on. An additional advantage is that the machine thus assembled occupies as little space as possible during storage.
Upon request, Maber can supply some carrying devices for an easy storage.

Maintenance and spare parts

Only 3% of our turnover is represented by spare parts., that is to say our products are extremely sturdy and they do not require any other maintences then the ordinary ones.

Interchangeable parts

Thanks to our in-house R&D department, we offer a range with masts, ties and landing doors that can be shared among several products.

Final testing

All our products are carefully tested prior to shipping.